Acupuncture in nashik

We suggest you to have some food before coming to us.

Wear loosely fitting clothes.

Bring ALL medical records even if unrelated to present complaints.

Bring ALL medicines you are taking at present.

Bring one person to accompany you.

Acupuncture in nashik

What happens first?

First of you will fill in of bio data related to Medical Acupuncture for records, follow up and management of further treatments and our research.


We advise you to do good home work on your condition or better write it down on piece of paper. It is our experience that patients themselves are unware of details of their symptoms, problems and disease, because they are distracted by pain and related issues. We would like to full story of your suffering, progress of complaint, treatment you have taken and taking at present and  present status,. We will also encourage you to explain other complaints associated with main complaint. We will try to assess your anatomical, physiological and psychological reaction to present disease.


After detailed talk and discussion, we will examine you, draw inference about diagnosis.  You might be asked to walk, do different body movements related to complain to elicit triggering pain or discomfort.  You may be asked to concentrate on pain or complaint on such moments.


We will examine all your past medical records of investigation, diagnosis, treatment, surgery and of follow up.We will try re-establishing exact diagnosis. This will allow us define role of Acupuncture and other treatments if necessary.


We will explain you diagnosis, causes and treatments options and role of acupuncture if any. On the basis of this discussion we will plan your treatment. We will explain method of acupuncture treatment planned and if additional electro-stimulation or Moxibustion if planned.


Parts of body to be treated needs to be exposed and examined; therefore clothes need to be loosely fitting easily manageable.  You will be lying on bed or examination table on abdomen, on back or on sides. Treatment might also be given on sitting position in certain conditions. Area to be treated may not be sterilised by antiseptic solution as it is not necessary or not indicated to have better acupuncture response. It is proved beyond doubt that non-application of antiseptic solution does not increase changes of infection. Needle will be inserted at point decided by us. You may not feel insertion of needle or feel just minute prick or very minor burning sensation. Needles are generally kept in pace for 10 t0 15 minutes but can be kept for shorter or longer time. In addition, electrical stimulation can be given and we will ask you to communicate if there is stimulation in form of tingling is comfortable or excess and uncomfortable.  We will adjust the stimulation strength accordingly.

After treatment

Most of people undergoing acupuncture feel relaxed and energized of session of acupuncture. Realisation of extent of relief from complaint may take some time, therefore we advise patents to walk, go down the staircase and climb again, and relax.  Paints suffering from pain for long time get their mind fixed to it and take for granted that pain is always there.  It is only after 10 to 15 minutes they realise that pains gone or reduced substantially.

We talk to patients again for assessment of relief and any particular problem remaining. We might giving additional treatment if feel necessary. Full effect of treatment may take 3 to 4 days to realise.

In our experience 85-90% of patients respond to acupuncture treatment.  Positive approach and being relaxed and work plays big role in response to treatment.


We need to assess full effect of treatment which may take more than three days, therefore next sessions generally planned after one week. If patient does not get any relief in three days, he or she is unlikely to benefit at all.

How long does it take?

Whole process should take about 30minutes. We advise you to stay in waiting room to let any physiological and psychological effect wear off before going out or driving.