Dr. Chandrashekhar Pardeshi MBBS DGO MD

Acupuncture in nashik
  • We are fully trained and qualified medical professional.
  • Being in medical field with such qualification and experience, we are in far better position to understand disease and its management and also apply acupuncture accordingly.
  • We have background of 38 years of experience in Western Medicine including surgeries. Therefore we are better placed to understand anatomy and pathology of human ailments.
Acupuncture in nashik
  • Beyond rich background of allopathic medicine, we are rigorously trained in Medical Acupuncture. With wide experience in Acupuncture in Republic of China. We treat hundreds of patients in community acupuncture centres every week and get wide clinical experience.
Acupuncture in nashik
  • Our expertise in acupuncture has lead us to train number of doctors in acupuncture and are doing well in their professing as acupuncturist.
  • We have most modern clinic with all facilities needed for acupuncture treatment. The clinic is placed in centre of city on wide road with free parking facility.

Our Clinic