What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is effective, simple, painless and harmless method of managing pain and certain other diseases.

Acupuncture is insertion of very fine needles at particular points on body to help it to get relief from pain and heal itself. It is based on assumption that there are various channels on body and points situated on it in which bio energy (Chi) flows. The bio energy or Chi flow is in balanced in healthy state but if disturbed or gets stagnated illness become evident. Putting needles at these points treats disease. Surprisingly pain relief by acupuncture is instant in many cases.

Acupuncture in nashik

Acupuncture Needles

These needles are generally made of sharp, strong and flexible stainless steel. You feel almost no pain on insertion.

Needles are flexible

Acupuncture in nashik

Needles are fine

Acupuncture in nashik

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Concept of disease is

  • Health is maintained by balance of Yin and Yang forces of nature.
  • Body has energy like Qi (chi) which flows throughout body and reaches every smallest part of body.
  • Qi or life force flows through interconnected channels called Meridian which reaches each and every part of body.
  • Disease is caused by internal imbalance or external factors.
  • Blockage of Channels (Meridians), Consumption of Chi, Stagnation of Chi or ‘blood’, Heat, Cold, and Dampness causes disease.
  • Pathogenic factors enter through surface of body which is guarded by anti-pathogenic factors of body.
  • Diseases can be treated by stimulation of certain points on channels by needles, which release the blockage or takes care of disease causing factors.
Acupuncture in nashik

Chinese were using sharp stones for draining abscesses and reliving pain, more than 4000 years before. Latter they have used sharp objects to press on body to get relief from certain diseases. Piercing stone needles was primitive way to alleviate certain symptoms.  On availability of metals needles, they have used them to treat certain diseases in last 2000 years.  There was no knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nervous system pharmacology or psychology or dynamics of human body as we have today. Therefore basis of disease and treatment is based entirely on observations and assumptions. Observations of certain benefit from certain treatment have been followed from more than 4000 years and have been delivered to modern times.