Surgical Pain Treatment

Surgical procedures, no matter how small, are significant health events that have physical and emotional effects.  Surgery being stress creating event, following facts need to be considered to use acupuncture to alleviate anxiety and pain.

Acupuncture can go a long way toward keeping people healthy before and after surgery. Benefits of acupuncture treatment in surgery will strengthen your immune system, calm you down, and decrease postoperative pain and side effects, help you recover faster, reduce cosmetic scars, and reduce internal scarring.

Keep us in the Know

Make sure to tell us if you are about to have surgery. Acupuncture is safe before and after surgery. However, some acupuncture points can have a similar effect to the blood-thinning medications you’re told to avoid before surgery.

Besides, it’s always a good idea to inform us about any upcoming or recent major health events. Events such as surgeries can affect us on multiple levels, physical and emotional. As a holistic medicine, acupuncture addresses all of these factors, so your acupuncturist will be very interested in knowing if you’re about to undergo surgery or if you recently had a procedure.

Acupuncture can be effectively used preoperatively to reduce immediate postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting and reduce need of opioids and avoid side effects of drugs. It may also be used to alleviate pain, substantially after 8 to 12 hours of surgery. For treatment of pain of surgery in Nashik, please let Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy  know before surgery so that we can make it less stressful.