Special Treatments

Celebral Palsy

Scalp Acupuncture is used in secondary management of cerebral palsy and in cerebro-vascular accidents. Scalp acupuncture is based on elementary functional neuro-anatomy. When part of the brain is damaged, for instance by a stroke, then the scalp is stimulated over the damaged area of the brain. The scalp points are representations of the underlying functional areas of the brain. Therefore most common use of scalp acupuncture will be in diseases in which there is brain damage, such as strokes or severe head injuries, although this method can be used for a variety of other conditions. Scalp acupuncture is quite useful for reducing chronic muscle spasm. Treatment by Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture of Nashik for cerebral palsy has been encouraging though not very consistent.

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The Indications for the Use of Scalp Acupuncture – It must understood clearly that it is has no role in emergency management of patients. Acupuncture is adjuvant treatment of recovery phase of cerebro-vascular accident. Routine medical management should always be carried out first, and if scalp acupuncture is indicated then it should be used to aid recovery and deal with the chronic sequel.

Cerebro-vascular accidents -Scalp acupuncture is useful in all types of strokes, whether the origin is cerebral thrombus or a cerebral haemorrhage. We need to wait for scalp needling for at least a week after the stroke; scalp acupuncture increases the blood flow to the damaged area of the brain and local cerebral bleeding may be increased if it is used too early. Scalp acupuncture can be started from one week after stroke till two years after the onset of a stroke, with beneficial results.

Treatment – Sometimes strokes respond very quickly, but not always. It may be necessary to give several courses of scalp acupuncture. As with all types of acupuncture keep treating the patient as long as there is improvement, and then give a few more treatments to consolidate. Each course involves about eight treatments and there should be a gap of at least a week between courses. The treatments should be given daily or every other day. The treatments should be given daily or every other day. Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture of Nashik suggest treatment of cerebral palsy every third day supplemented by physiotherapy.

Chronic Wound

chronic wound is a non healing wound that does not heal in an predictable time and order say within three months.   It may not heal or may take years. Such wounds load emotional stress and physical burden to patients.

Cause of chronic wound  may be diabetes, pressure sores, poor circulation, neuropathy, and difficulty moving, factors that include systemic illnesses, age, and repeated trauma,

Co-morbid factors that can lead to ischemia are especially likely to contribute to chronic wounds. Such factors include chronic fibrosis, edema, sickle cell disease, and peripheral artery disease such as by atherosclerosis. Chronic wound may also be a malignancy; for example, cancerous tissue can grow until blood cannot reach the cells and the tissue becomes an ulcer.  Another factor that may contribute to chronic wounds is old age.

Treatment is directed to cause of chronic wound. Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture treatment of chronic ulcer in Nashik can speed up healing.

Multiple Sclerosis

Attacks or exacerbations of multiple sclerosis are characterized by symptoms that reflect central nervous system involvement. Patients may have sensory loss , bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction, dysarthria, ataxia, and tremor, optic neuritis, trigeminal ,eye symptoms – Including diplopia on lateral gaze; these occur in 33% of patients, Heat intolerance, fatigue, dizziness, Pain Subjective cognitive difficulties – With regard to attention span, concentration, memory, and judgment, Depression, Euphoria, Bipolar disorder or frank dementia – Patients with MS may present with many other manifestations.
Treatment of multiple sclerosis includes immune-modulatory therapy for the underlying immune disorder and therapies to relieve or modify symptoms. Indeed, patients with MS are often best served by a multidisciplinary approach.
Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture treatment in Nashik for multiple sclerosis has improved symptoms and quality of life by more than 70% in many cases as exemplified here.