Pain Treatment


Pain of arthritis, injury or any impending disease has role of warning that indicates the individual that tissue damage has occurred or may be occurring. It is subjective and very complex for safety of body. The processes called nociception where body is involved in the perception of pain.

Pain can be sudden and short lived or long lasting.
Chronic pain lasts beyond the healing of an injury, and may last for months or years. Medical professionals classify pain based on its characteristics, its cause, or the mechanisms in the body or the mind that are probably involved in sustaining it. Pain can be “nociceptive,” “neuropathic,” and “psychogenic.”

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Mechanism of Pain

Nociceptive Pain: Nociceptive pain is believed to be caused by the ongoing activation of pain receptors in either the surface or deep tissues of the body. There are two types: “visceral” pain and “somatic” pain.

“Visceral” pain is pain that originates from ongoing injury to the internal organs or the tissues that support them. When the injured structure is solid organ, the pain may be pressure-like, deep, and stabbing. When the injured tissue is a hollow structure, like the intestine or the gall bladder, the pain often is poorly localized and cramping.

“Somatic” pain is due to injury to skin, muscles, bone, joint, and connective tissues. Deep somatic pain is usually described as dull or aching, and localized in one area. Somatic pain from injury to the skin or the tissues just below it often is sharper and may have a burning or pricking quality. Somatic pain often involves inflammation of injured tissue. Although inflammation is a normal response of the body to injury, and is essential for healing, inflammation that does not disappear with time can result in a chronically painful disease. The joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis may be considered an example of this type of somatic nociceptive pain.

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