Hip Joint Pain Treatment

Hip joint has maximum range of movements after shoulder joint. It bears body weight with its strong ligaments and has strong muscles around it. It allows man to walk, run, jump and do other activities. It is formed by rounded head of femur bone and corresponding socket of hip bone, with hyaline cartilage along with synovial fluid in between.  Hyaline cartilage acts also as shock absorber of joint. Synovial fluid lubricates the joint.

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Osteoarthritis of hip may start from middle age and may present as severe dull ache worsening in the gravity. It is felt in groin, inguinal region in front and over head of long femoral bone on side of hip and outer side of buttocks. It may also radiate to knee joint and may strain muscles of back. Initially it is increased by walking and reduced by rest but latter it remains for all the time. There is restriction of movements. Hip pain due to osteoarthritis can occur due to mild inflammation of the tissues in and around it or damage to cartilage or bony growths that develop around the edge.  Pain may result into stiffness and difficulty in certain activities. Less common causes of hip pain are hip fracture (more commonly elderly patients, tendonitis, bursitis, hernia and gynaecological pathology.

There is no treatment for osteoarthritis, but with treatment of pain of osteoarthritis of hip in Nashik by Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Pain Therapy, can reduce need of analgesics and postpone need of surgery.