Infertility Sterility Ovulation IVF Treatment

Infertility is an inability to be pregnant or carry pregnancy to full term after having regular sex without contraceptives for one or two years.

Rough percentage of cause may be male 20, female 40-50, both 30-40, many cases both partners are apparently normal and cause cannot be determined.

Woman might conceive in one month in 20% of cases, in 70% in six months, 85% in 12 months, 90% in 18 months, and 95% in 24 months.

Causes of infertility can be absence of ovulation, deficient sperm count, blockage of fallopian tubes, hormonal disorders of female or male and other causes.

Treatment of infertility is treatment of causative factor. Acupuncture can assist in management in many ways.

A study published April 2002 in the reproductive journal Fertility and Sterility, of 160 women, a group of German researchers observed that adding acupuncture to the traditional IVF treatment protocols substantially increased pregnancy success.

Of 80 patients treated for infertility the rate was significantly higher in the acupuncture group — 34 pregnancies, compared with 21 in the women who received IVF alone.

Besides use in IVF, acupuncture helps in ovulation to get pregnant.  Ovulation chances are equal to that of Clomifen. Acupuncture can’t be substituted for fertility drugs used in IVF, necessary to achieve success with this treatment.

How Acupuncture Works

Though role of acupuncture in Fertility treatment is accepted fact, how it works is still debatable.

Clear link is found in brain and conception in studies published in the journal Fertility and Sterility in 2002 by endocrinologist Zev Rosenwaks, MD at Cornell University.  Their research noted that acupuncture increases production of endorphins, brain chemical that also plays a role in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Acupuncture also appears to have a neuroendocrine effect, impacting a three-way axis between hypothalamus, pituitary and ovaries – a cycle that ultimately controls  ova production and possibly ovulation.

Sandra Emmons, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Oregon Health Sciences University, reports that acupuncture may directly impact the number of egg follicles available for fertilization in women undergoing IVF in Medical Acupuncture in 2000 journal.

Acupuncture may change the blood supply to the ovaries, possibly dilating the arteries and increasing blood flow, so that ultimately, the ovaries receive greater amounts of hormonal stimulation.

Acupuncture may also promote favorable growth of endometrium, in case of missed abortions.  It may be promoting continuation of healthy pregnancy.

In addition to above it may reduce stress which may disturb neuro-hormones.  Dr Pardeshi Acupuncture Therapy has been offered to many of their patients with favorable outcome of treatment for infertility/ sterility.


In male, imbalance in reproductive hormones can also negatively affect reproductive function, such as sperm motility and production. Acupuncture acts to regulate male hormones.  Male infertility treatment must take another track. Acupuncture infertility treatment, produces no side effects while performing the same function as the drugs do in stimulating the hypothalamus to effectively balance the endocrine system and its hormones and to get to the root cause of female infertility as well as male infertility.

MedicineNet says –

“Studies back up these claims. In 2002, researchers studied the effects of acupuncture on pregnancy rates. Women having fertility treatments were assigned to either a control group or an acupuncture group. Scientists transferred embryos into each woman. Half of the women received acupuncture treatment, while the other half (control group) did not. Six weeks later, 26 percent of the women in the control group were pregnant. In the acupuncture group, 42 percent were pregnant.”