1What is acupuncture?
The term Acupuncture' comes from the Latin 'acus' =needle and 'punctura' =to prick. Which means, puncture with needle. In Chinese language it called Zhen Ci (pronounced as Zen Su). This is ancient Chinese medical modality to treat pain and other diseases by inserting fine needles at specific point.  This is simple, safe and effective mode of relief of pain. Now it has been accepted all over world.
2How does Acupuncture work?
Acupuncture stimulates limbic system of central nervous system releasing opioids, endorphins, cortisol and other substances acting against pain and stress and allowing body to heal. Acupuncture closes gates of pain pathway at anterior horn of spinal cord and disallowing pain sensation to go to brain.
3Do you inject something in acupuncture?
No, we don’t inject any drug. Acupuncture needles are thin solid needles. Acupuncture does not use drugs to treat diseases.
4Do the needles hurt?
No, acupuncture does not hurt. Needle being very thin and sharp, does not damage tissue so cause pain. It is almost painless. One may feel small prick or very minor burning sensation or heavy feeling at the place of insertion. More than anything a treatment should be a deeply relaxing and sleepy slice of time for you.
5In which conditions Acupuncture works?
It is most efficient in musculoskeletal pain like backache, knee pain or shoulder pain. There are many other diseases like gastritis, eczema, deafness that can be treated by acupuncture. World Health Organisation has published long list of diseases that can be treated by acupuncture.
6Do I have to believe in this for it to work?
No, you don’t have to believe in science of acupuncture. It is scientific process not any religious or philosophical belief. Acupuncture just works by itself by physiological and neurological means of body.
7How many times do I need to take treatment?
On average once a week for three weeks should be sufficient but some time just one treatment is sufficient. In some chronic case like eczema, you may need long term treatment.
8Are the needles sterilised?
Yes strictly, we always use sterilised needles. Generally we use disposable needles which are pre-sterilised.
9Why do I feel sleepy once the needles are in?
The insertion of the needles may send your limbic part of central nervous system to go into a clear pattern of rest (parasympathetic), allowing your healing and recovery to take place. This may be reason as to why patients with stress are also helped by acupuncture. This also indicator that acupuncture is making its effect on nervous system.
10What are fees?
Fees depend upon condition and complexity of treatment needed for particular condition. Such conditions may be treated on single fee amount. Otherwise each treatment should cost treatment costs Rs 2000.