Incidental Bonus of Acupuncture

Less pain

Pain perceived is less because acupuncture initiates release of neurotransmitters, analgesic, opioids, serotonin and oxytotocin.

Quality sleep:

Because of action of limbic system resulting into relaxation, refreshing sleep is seen.

Stronger Immune system:

Acupuncture is supposed to stimulate immune system and results in stronger immune status.

More energy:

Acupuncture creating sense of wellbeing part of reaction of limbic system, results in to more energy.

A boost in confidence:

Self confidence is due to euphoria associate with limbic system effect.

More patience:

Patience is due to calmness which acupuncture produces.

Better digestion and flatter stomach:

Acton of acupuncture on digestive system is known therefore better digestion and falter abdomen.

Better sex:

Sense of wellbeing results into better sex.

Less stress:

is result of calmness as result of limbic system.

A more youthful appearance